At first while I was thinking of any situation that what I did resulted in flipping the script and had a completely different outcome, I realized that I did not experience much of that situation, however there is one where I was in high school that popped into my head. I had one of my friends who was close minded and prejudice towards certain religion, he used to get into many arguments with people who have different beliefs than him (people like me but I did not want to get into arguments with him and because we were close) and many of my Muslim friends would take our side in the argument and usually gets into fights with him because of the disrespectful conversation that he is having with others. This situation happened a lot till one day I had to interfere and say something to him, but I had to choose between 2 options, one option that would be to get into a fight and lose my friend or just to figure something out. Thankfully I choose the second option, and all I did after he wanted to get into an argument with me and before any heat, I just made him laugh and he totally forgot about the argument. Years pass by and this guy totally changed, he apologized to the people who he used to fight with and now he has a completely different perspective of love for everyone and he posts regularly that people should understand each other more. And maybe if I chose to get into a fight with him, it will result in a negative result that no one would benefit from. In my opinion, if only people understood each other, there won’t be any hate towards anyone.