I played 4 games that were quite the opposite of what i usually like, because I am a bit of a gamer and i realised that I don’t have a game that isn’t violent and these games are probably the only games that I felt that i shouldn’t be competitive while playing them. The first game i played was SPENT, I loved the game, it was suppose to put people in the shoes of others who does not make much money, working a dreadful and tiring jobs in order to provide food and shelter to their families. Most of us forget to be grateful for the things that we have, or the things that our parents give us and we got use to that living standards that we forget that we are considered privileged among others, even though that we did not do anything to earn that privileged life, and it was a matter of chance that we end up living in that standard of living. Thinking about that, it made me realise that I could have been in that poor living standards, not having the things that I consider “essential”, which would definitely be hard to live without them even though many people can do without them. Being poor lets you focus on the things that matter and not on the luxuries, like owning a car for example, it rather makes you well aware and careful of your choices because there is no room for mistakes like in the game, you could lose so much money if you chose something wrong and this might not make you able to pay the rent or even your day to day expenses and this is unfortunately what other people are experiencing. This game made me somehow think about others and give more and I am grateful for this. The second game was the BBC Syrian refugee, which puts you  in a situation that many people are going through right now, which is leaving their homes and going to other countries without them wanting to do that. The game was too short and i have succeeded to go to turkey however, this game makes the player realise the risks that a Syrian family goes through in order to get to another country. I would make it longer and provide many options to choose from rather than two choices for a simple question. The third one was quite the opposite of the previous one, it was too long, i spent more that 30 min playing it, but i loved it. The game was Depression Quest, which rather focuses on people facing depression which I had my part with it in the past. The game introduces the player with a character whose suffering from depression and makes you go through their daily routine, facing challenges, encountering some friends, dealing with families, all through their perspective, but unlike the previous games, this one has many options to choose from, luckily, I made my character go to see a doctor and be better by the end of the game. I chose this game because i felt that i can relate to it, I’ve been through depression for a long period of time ( one year ) and only very few people knew about it at that time, i did not want to reveal that weak side of me to people, i do not want to let my guard down, however, at the end i talked to many people that i considered important, been to one therapy session and played sports and i gradually overcame that phase in my life and became stronger than ever. I would recommend a shorter version of the game because some people might get bored while they play it. The last game I did not like, it was rather superficial than focusing on serious matter, it was clearly made for a purpose to make students responsible for the way they party, educating them about alcohol, sex, consent and being responsible for your decisions. I would recommend that the game tackles that area in depth making it more interesting. Also, I did not like the videos that were posted. At the end, I enjoyed playing this kind of games, I always loved the “scenario” type of games where you can chose things and see what it will lead you to on the spot.